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Mr Nathi Mabuza, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Mabuza Empire Holdings & The African Rock Logistics (Pty) Ltd


He has been a keen player in the mining, transport & logistics industry for over five years. His positions in the business world have ranged from Marketing Director of Law-Monza Mining and Chairman, to Chief Executive Officer. Having studied Business Management (Degree), Mr Mabuza began his path in Corporate industry at ABSA as a Consultant in middle office, He also worked for WesBank & FNB as Sales Co-Ordinator in Fleet (Business Department).


Not too long after he had his hands in Financial Services, until he found his calling in the Logistics industry. This is where he founded the company Mabuza Empire Holdings & African Rock Logistics (Pty) Ltd. His also a Director of MSJ Logistics (Pty) Ltd with subsidiaries in fields such as mining, logistics, contracting, property and farming. He is a born leader whose principles echo loyalty, empathy, hard work and growth.


“Make each day count by doing the most of today and plan for better tomorrow!”


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Ms Phumi Mabuza Director & Chief Financial Officer


After working for Auto & Truck Tyres for Nine years, Phumi entered the logistics industry. In 2018, she joined the Mabuza Empire Holdings & MSJ Logistics as a Director & Chief Financial Officer. With her passion for business and an entrepreneurial spirit, she identified new opportunities for growth. One such opportunity was when she took on an added procurement role in 2019, which opened up the opportunity for our clients.

“I believe that strong relationships built on trust are key to success in a competitive trading environment.”


Mr Sibusiso Johan Mabuza Founder of MSJ Logistics (Pty) Ltd



There are better things ahead than what we leave behind.”

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